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Our team creates custom mobile and web applications designed for all devices and built to scale. By leveraging a modular approach, our solutions evolve with your business to consistently and continually deliver the maximum value to your customers.


APIs are a great way to enrich your website with data and functionality. Picture this: you have a website selling airline tickets, you could use the Expedia API to get hotel data for the destination, the Google Maps API to plot it all on a map, the Ticketmaster API to show what events are on in the local area and the Amazon Products API to recommend travel guides for the destination – quite a site!

Machine Learning

We help busineses to understand their data and build predictive models. Quickly operationalize powerful analytics within your business, pushing time-critical insights and actions to where it matters.


Using the very latest technologies, Maxiru helps organisations take innovative, disruptive ideas and develop them into reactive software solutions.


Through collaborative roadmap sessions, our team acquires a deep understanding of your needs and resources. With your team's help, we iterate frequently to ensure our solution meets your business goals.


Our process has been specially designed to help you explore ‘the Art of Possible’ and it puts you at the heart of the development to turn your business vision into reality. Our simple 3-stage process ensures that you can incorporate any business critical changes while being in full control of the project’s direction. Ultimately, ensuring the maximum value from your product - from day one.

  • Assesment
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Version 1.0


We build high-performance applications:

  • Responsive
  • Resilient
  • Elastic
  • Message-driven

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